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00:00-00:00 Mahatma Gandhi Jayanthi/Vijayadashami
17:00-20:00 Course 602, Session 9
04:00-06:00 Talk by Dr. Narendar Pani
02:00-05:00 Course 603, Session 8
14:00-17:00 Course 603, Session 9
17:00-20:00 Culture and Democracy, Session 10
10:00-13:00 Work-in-Progress by Sufiya Pathan
17:00-20:00 Course 602, Session 10
16:00-18:00 Work-in-Progress by Sanghamitra Misra
16:00-18:00 Work-in-Progress by S.V. Srinivas
14:00-17:00 Course 603, Session 10
17:00-20:00 Culture and Democracy, Session 11
16:00-18:00 Work-in-Progress by Nitya Vasudevan
17:00-20:00 Course 602, Session 11
04:00-06:00 Talk by Prof. Michael Goldman
04:00-06:00 Screening of "The Battle of Algiers"
00:00-00:00 Balipadyami (Deepavali)
00:00-00:00 Ramzan
05:00-08:00 Culture and Democracy, Session 12
05:00-08:00 Culture and Democracy, Session 13
10:00-12:55 Culture and Democracy, Session 14
14:00-17:00 Course 603, Session 11
17:00-20:00 Course 602, Session 12
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courses M.A. In Cultural Studies (2004)
About the M.A. Online About Cultural Studies Course Objectives
courses M.A. In Cultural Studies (2005)
About the M.A. Online About Cultural Studies Course Objectives
courses Understanding Cultural Production: Certificate Course at Christ College, Bangalore
As a part of the EIP, CSCS, among many other activities, also conducts a certificate course for undergraduate students of the Journalism and Mass media department at Christ College, Bangalore, every academic semester. This course consists of four modules, each including twelve hours of teaching.
courses 'Defining Culture': Core Skills Introduction to Cultural Studies
Introductory course on Cultural Studies for students of the Srishti School of Art, Design & Technology
courses Indian Ocean: A Research Programme
The University of the Witwatersrand and the Centre for the Study of Culture and Society (CSCS) are proposing a Winter Workshop to be held in Bangalore in December 2006. The object of the workshop is to draw together cultural studies scholars working in African Studies and Indian Studies with a view to theorizing the nature of transnational connections between southern and East Africa, the Indian Ocean islands and India.
courses Ph.D. in Cultural Studies

Courses offered in the
Academic Year 2004-05

CSCS is an institution for higher education in the humanities and social sciences, engaged in developing innovative and inter-disciplinary approaches to researching culture in India.

The CSCS Ph.D. is afflilated to MAHE and Kuvempu University.

On our faculty are scholars known for their analyses of contemporary culture. Distinguished visiting faculty from India and abroad will also be involved in Ph.D. instruction at the Centre.

The Ph.D in Cultural Studies, involves two semesters of coursework (residence requirement: one year), followed by supervised reading and research. The courses will be reading/writing intensive. Students will learn how to interpret complex texts, to understand intellectual debates that have formed the horizon of interdisciplinary cultural studies, formulate and discuss ideas and questions, and to write research papers.

CSCS has undertaken several research projects (on cinema, television, and new media; gender and modernity; urban cultures; caste and democracy) which will have a close relationship with the Ph.D. programme.

courses Undergraduate Diploma Course in Cultural Studies
The Undergraduate Diploma in Cultural Studies. In collaboration with the Christ College, Bangalore, and St. Joseph's College, Bangalore.
courses test